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Life as a human being is a mystery, challenge, and most of all – a game. I often run around looking for things to do to fill any voids that appear, so I don’t have to think about the purpose of my existence. But is there really a purpose to human life?

Five years ago, I embarked on this journey to unravel the mystery life. Stressed out from living in the fast lane of corporate America, I needed some answers fast before I sunk deeper into an abyss of despair. Finally, one day, my journey to self-realization began when I was introduced to yoga by a masseuse in Santa Monica. I wandered into my first yoga class and was immediately mesmerized by my handsome instructor. It’s probably a given that the crush that I had on my teacher got me through the first year of instruction, but deep down, I knew a powerful change was happening within me – slowly but surely - to this day. By observing how I tackled difficult yoga postures, I started to understand how my mind and body reacted to people, things, places, colors, music, – everything around me.

Beyond my physical yoga practice, I became interested in philosophy and later stumbled upon the teachings of the legendary Indian philosopher Krishnamurti & the Dalai Lama. Through their teachings, I learned that I can cultivate my mind to stay peaceful in the midst of turmoil. I’ve also learned that happiness does not come from something, someone, reward, or event. Personal contentment comes from finding an order within ourselves, and relieving ourselves from conditioned thinking.

Yet, despite of all of the answers that I’ve acquired so far to help me solve the puzzle of human life, there is something which still remains a total mystery to me – the sheer genius of human creativity. When I listen to the second movement of Ravel’s piano concerto in G, I feel enraptured by a gamut of feelings – sadness, intrigue, but most of all enlightened by the hauntingly beautiful melody that was created. When I sample a finely concocted dish, my taste buds are elated and the rest of my senses become sharpened with anticipation for the next bite. Last year, I visited St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome for the third time, and still, I was spiritually uplifted by the architectural masterpiece that enveloped me. The basilica is a masterful collaboration of geometrical shapes, space, and engineering.

Human creative genius is a wonder and beyond explanation in my eyes. We may never know why we were put on this earth to live, but to those who were given a gift to create and know it - let it shine. Let it shine so that the rest of us may enjoy this thing called life a little bit more. Let it shine so that the rest of us may be closer to that enlightened state of mind. For those who have a gift and don’t know it, open the gates to your soul and say hello to a new found freedom. Let it shine.



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